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The Fingerprint Recognition, Growth of banks Factor?

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It is in any case that promotes Temenos banking software company based in Switzerland. It was launched in June this would be the first debit card with fingerprint recognition to Vietnam. View Asia.

The Fingerprint Recognition

The Fingerprint Recognition

This is the Mekong Development Bank, which partner is happy. And according to internal statistics for both companies: “Since the launch in June, the number of current accounts of the Mekong Development Bank has tripled, and the balance of deposit by debit card is twice that for a regular account without card flow. ”

The process is simple: customers are fingerprints taken at the time of opening the account. When making transactions with vending machines (ATMs), consumers no longer have to type code. They lay their finger on the recognition system and the appliances are call them in to the database for biometric recognizing.

To date there are only 33 such distributors. Kidney very shameful establishment is under this name since 2009, with a creation by the name of My Xuyen Joint Stock Commercial Bank in 1992.

Acquisitions and IPOs that took place this year shows that investment in the software business can still pay big dividends.

From my point of view, 2007 was a good year for investors who remained attached to enterprise software. Despite the doomsayers who said that this area is curled. The number of IPOs and mergers and acquisitions has also increased significantly. And the ratio of price to back (short of price divided by earnings per share) was high enough for companies focused on the model of “on demand” or have adopted an open source approach. This result – that I had not initially expected in 2007 – is mainly due to the combination of three long-term trends that gave their fruit at the same time. One is technical – virtualization – while the other two are business model innovations related precisely to “on demand” and the free software community.

MySQL and SugarCRM are interested in the stock market

The sector has experienced an IPO virtualization (VMWare) and acquisition (acquired by Citrix XenSource for $ 500 million). VMWare is the archetype of the tremendous growth in the field: the company has seen its turnover increase from 0 dollars in 1998 to 100 million in 2003 when it was purchased by EMC and now more than a billion! As for the “on demand”, he emerges as a viable model. Since the beginning of 2007, many companies positioned on the sale of Internet services were introduced in grants, following in the footsteps of WebEx (acquired by Cisco) and Salesforce.com. And open source? I can cite Jboss, which is bought by Red Hat in 2006, XenSource and Zimbra that were acquired respectively in the last quarter by Citrix (500 million) and Yahoo! (385 million). These valuations are well beyond what is reasonable conceived as before. And the best is yet to come who speaks with MySQL to be listed, and SugarCRM, which follows the same path.

All indicators provide valuations higher output for innovative companies in the field, either via IPO or via process of merger / acquisition. Providers demand are fairly valued with a price to average revenue multiplied by 8.5 in 2007, according to Pacific Crest (David Spitz). New entrants like Omniture have been well received by the ecosystem related to IPOs, even though these companies are not yet profitable. In addition to the financial markets, the five regular suppliers – HP, IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft – are no longer alone in courting software startup startups. Cisco and Yahoo have entered the dance and soon Google will do the same. Competition more intense help erase the discount suffered by traditional software companies since the bursting of the Internet bubble. Prospects gain more significant should make enterprise software more attractive to investors and entrepreneurs who had deserted for greener pastures such as Web 2.0 or clean technology (cleantech). And thereby stimulate innovation in the field.

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