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Sonny: Beat Them Out

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Playing free online game is interesting, especially when you have enough free time to accomplish the top level. You are given the opportunity to face various opponents in Sonny. Their abilities to attack differ from level to level. Hence, it gives you challenges to combat the opponents with variety degrees of weapons and skills. As you browse further into the site, you realize that Sonny as the major character cannot remember who really he is.

Through http://www.godvilgames.com/, you can play Sonny at your spare time. This game takes place on the dock where you can hit the opponents with the stick, and certainly variety of weapons you can choose after accomplishing several levels. Basically, you have your own turn to hit the opponents, and so the opponents. The turn-based battle generates balance opportunity to give attacks. Though you are not fully in control of your character, the companion character may provide you information on the incoming strike.

As you go further into the battle, you are about to see that there are four classes of battles which you can select based on your mood. Every class has different action concerning the battle you are about to conduct. In addition, you may also find thirty different abilities based on the level you have reached. Going back into the battle, you are provided with energy recharge where you can use it to back up your power. This Sonny game is appropriate to spend on your leisure time. It is a good idea not to spend too much time in one successive combat, certainly considering your health.

Indeed, Sonny is not a usual flash online game. It provides you with lots of statistics which inform you about the character you are playing. The most important thing in battle game is strategy. As a result, you need to pick proper strategy for every level because you face different enemies and abilities at every level.

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