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Manage risk Customers / Suppliers with Business Add-on for SAP

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To conclude on the general issue, it is not easy to find on the market suppliers of reliable information, the problem of SI is to have reliability data repository (customers, suppliers). We consolidation projects such data with BI tools. Consolidation allows for example to bring together all the suppliers and to avoid duplication.

The idea then came to bring intelligence into this repository and it directly into SAP. Capability of providing highly reliable data in real time and nearly 20 million businesses, financial data, marketing. And we designed together a truly unique solution on the market, which provides the purchasing departments or credit management effective ways to create and maintain their customer bases / providers with risk data (scoring, payment behavior) or longer simply the state of society (closed wound, active).

Why is it unique on the market?

Guaranteeing the uniqueness of the data, the Business Add-on solution enables:

- To know if a customer or supplier still exists! On average, 30% of Third present in databases purchases / sales have more activity.

- Optimize and reliable management of Customers / Suppliers

- Maintain updated automatically and directly referential Customers / Suppliers in SAP

- Identify payment behavior and the risk of customer default

- Integrate the risk of failure of suppliers

Which key issues address?

- Improved reliability of the reference customers / suppliers and secure the creation of new parties

- Anticipate problems creditworthiness of customers following indicators payment behavior and the risk of failure

- Manage the risk of breaking the supply chain monitoring at any time the risk of failure of suppliers

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