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Games and Economics

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The 21st century is marked by the changes in the economic policies of industrial manufacturing in different countries into a knowledge-based economy. In this field, information and technology play major role in the fate of a country. This gives impact in the necessary changes of the system environment economics and business.

The game itself has long existed since thousands of years ago, although we know that the games in the past were still very simple and traditional. The simplicity of the game is not something that is very important to be discussed today, but if we take look from the different point of view, it will certainly give a lot of knowledge to us. We have to admit human civilization to become more advanced to raise the technology development especially in the field of game and science. These recent years, a game that is very popular in the community is the virtual digital game. There are many websites provide game online, one of them is godvilgames.com. The virtual digital game is purposed to make it can be seen and played in simple way without ever “touching” the game itself. Although there are lots of non-virtual games, the popularity of online game is undeniable.  At the first, the purpose of game existence was for entertainment, but it now has become a source of profits for the game owners. Some games also offer the members to earn money. However, there are some other important points that we can take as the benefits of the game itself, such as an addition to our knowledge in other scientific and economic fields.

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